Foundation Project. There are no strange old parents! 

Donations collected by the Foundation will be used to purchase basic necessities, personal hygiene products, and medicines.

Has it been a long time since you called your grandfather to ask how he was doing? And when did you visit your grandmother? 
30 lonely old people live in the distant picturesque village of Kamianka, Trostyanets district, whom no one has called for a long time. Volunteers don't come here often. Nearby is the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, whose abbot takes care of the guests as well as he can. It is impossible to listen to the life stories of these old people without tears. Almost half of them are bedridden. 

Yes, it is not easy for many people now and everyone has his own difficulties. But there are those ones who can no longer take care of themselves. Apart from our Foundation, no one takes care of them. 

We need your help! Help of caring people!

The old house, where the elderly live, constantly needs minor repairs, for which there are not enough funds. Another problem is the payment of utility services. UAH 8,333 is spent for one resident of the home for the elderly every month. The total monthly budget for the house maintenance is 250,000 hryvnias. But every hryvnia is important and will be used for the intended purpose! 

Everything is known in comparison! And someone is much worse than you. Let's support these old people!

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